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Use Of Astaxanthin Precautions

Sep 06, 2017


1. Natural astaxanthin in the use of the process to reduce or stop smoking, stay up late, alcohol and other bad habits, or will offset its antioxidant effect. In the case of

2. Conditional can check urine lipid metabolism of MDA and other changes in content to observe the use of the effect. In the case of

3. Because astaxanthin is affected by the control of biological cells (rather than a specific organ) oxidative damage to work, so some people's organ symptoms may not be obvious. But the cell life improvement is significant. In the case of

4. As a beauty when the external use of oral administration may be better results. In the case of

5. There are very few patients with biliary dysfunction taking fat-soluble vitamin E and astaxanthin and other poor results, so after taking astaxanthin must see the color of stool, if you find the stool color after taking astaxanthin Red, it means that the use of astaxanthin digestion and absorption is poor, it is recommended to take water-soluble antioxidants such as vitamin C and so on.