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The Main Efficacy Of Fucoidan Sulfate

Aug 09, 2017


1. inhibit tumor cell growth, treatment of cancer.

Fucoidan sulfate can kill macrophages, produce cytotoxins, inhibit tumor cell proliferation and kill tumor cells; also can inhibit tumor angiogenesis and inhibit tumor growth, can also directly inhibit tumor cell growth. Studies have shown that fucoidan sulfate can make cancer cells and homogeneous adhesion decreased, the cell separation rate increased, the ability of cells through the basement membrane weakened. In other words, fucoidan sulfate can make the malignant phenotype of cells change, so that its ability to transfer is inhibited. In addition, fucoidan sulfate can increase the sensitivity of cancer cells to chemotherapy drugs.

2. Treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases

Studies have shown that the incidence of cardiovascular disease and blood cholesterol and cholesterol levels are often high. Fucoidan sulfate can bring out the fat in the chyme in vitro, has a good lipid-lowering, cholesterol-lowering effect, and no lipid-lowering drugs side effects.

Fucoidan sulfate can effectively reduce the systolic blood pressure of the human arteries, can be mild, effectively reduce the systolic and diastolic blood pressure in patients with hypertension. Fucoidan Sulfate can be used as an adjunctive antihypertensive drug for hypertension.

3. Treatment of renal failure

Fucoidan sulfate, has been successfully applied to the treatment of renal failure. Fucoidan sulfate can reduce serum creatinine, improve urinary protein content, for renal failure and nephrotic syndrome have a very significant effect.