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Fish Oil Soft Capsule Special Role

Nov 20, 2017

Linoleic acid contained in fish oil can affect the size of the egg, but has no effect on the total lipid content in the yolk, but affects the level and composition of fat in the liver. Linoleic acid is a key factor in the control of lipoprotein synthesis in the liver, and lipoproteins reach the ovary via blood transfusion to control the size of the egg. Practices show that 2.75 grams of linoleic acid per egg layer shows significant egg weight increase. In addition, the addition of fish oil to the layer of chicken feed reduces the cholesterol content of the eggs by 20%, leaving no change in cholesterol levels in the human body consuming the eggs. However, eating normal eggs results in an increase in cholesterol. Laying ducks during egg laying are generally about 80%, and after the peak, the laying rate is reduced to about 60%. It is reported that this phenomenon is related to the nutrition deficiencies of fats, vitamins and amino acids in feed The fish oil just made up for this. If 2% fish oil is added to the ration after the egg laying peak, the egg production rate will increase to about 73% and the average yield increase will reach 70%. Adding 3% -5% of the total amount of fish oil to feed processing can improve feed nutrition, promote biological growth, improve the meat quality of aquaculture fish, livestock and poultry, and prevent the animals from getting too much fat. In addition, fish oil has a strong fishy smell, with strong attractant. In addition, fish oil contains a large number of fat-soluble vitamins A and D, to ensure that livestock and aquatic animals on this request.