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Fish Oil Soft Capsule Selection Method

Nov 16, 2017

According to China's fish oil industry standards, the purity of fish oil to reach 30%, not too low, the purity of the choice of fish oil is the choice of gelatin. Good gelatin, fish oil will not ooze, to ensure the purity of fish oil; and poor gelatin, fish oil will ooze, purity not up to standard. Choice, from the appearance, transparency, gloss to distinguish.

The best is made of medical bone glue fish oil, the purity of 30%, light transmittance, excellent gloss, light see the middle of the bright diamond-like highlights; the less is to do with plastic glue Into the fish oil, the purity can only reach 15%, transmittance, gloss than the poor bone glue, the center also did not see highlights; the most is the synthetic plastic, purity can only reach 5%, the color dim, no light transmittance .