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Development Trend Of Krill Oil

Jul 17, 2017


Antarctic krill oil from the pure wild Antarctic krill, the use of patent subcritical low temperature extraction [1] way to extract, is the natural gift to human natural health food, containing other food can not replace the effect.

Cardiovascular maintenance: Antarctic krill oil can regulate "three high" to prevent and improve cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, lower cholesterol, prevention of cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral thrombosis, as well as lower blood viscosity, promote blood circulation, prevent high blood pressure Role, and it also brain puzzle, active thinking, to prevent the effect of Alzheimer's disease.

It is foreseeable that the Antarctic krill oil in the future market will be closely integrated with the elderly products, such as cardiovascular health care products, food and medicine, with the development of society and people's health awareness continues to improve, Antarctic krill oil as The possibility of edible oil is also increasing.

Brain development of the strong push machine: Antarctic krill oil can protect the nerve cell membrane, enhance attention, memory and understanding, pregnant women can promote fetal brain development, anti-fatigue, improve immunity, to maintain a positive mood.

This shows that the Antarctic krill oil on the benefits of infants and pregnant women, milk, rice noodles, biscuits, snacks in the discretion to add, will play a very good health care.

To seize the secret of youth: Antarctic krill oil and a lot of astaxanthin, can reduce the UV damage, prevent skin cancer, delay skin aging, anti-free radicals, delay aging, significantly improve the depth of skin wrinkles and even eliminate.