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Astaxanthin Product Color Reddish Reason

Mar 07, 2018

First: add color to the capsule. Producers or counterfeiters add a red pigment to the base oil to deepen the redness of the contents. These pigments are all chemically synthesized pigments such as Sudan red, harmful to humans.

Second: capsules are used to synthesize astaxanthin instead of natural astaxanthin. Chemical synthesis Astaxanthin is processed with petroleum derivatives, contains a large number of harmful impurities, and is only a coloring agent without biological activity, is strictly prohibited for food and health products. However, due to its cheap price and red color, unscrupulous manufacturers and counterfeiters use synthetic astaxanthin to make capsules, which can seriously affect consumers' health.

Third: red oil such as safflower oil or even red palm oil or chili oil is used to increase redness. Safflower oil can destroy the stability of astaxanthin, is not conducive to human absorption, which in the United States has been extensively studied and confirmed.