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Antarctic Krill Oil Trends

Jan 23, 2017

Antarctic pure krill oil is taken from the wild Antarctic krill, using patented low temperature extraction of subcritical extraction, is the natural health foods for humans from nature, contain foods cannot be replaced by other effects.

Cardiovascular maintenance share: Antarctic krill oil can adjust the "three high", prevention and improved cardio-cerebral vascular diseases, lower cholesterol and prevention of stroke, cerebral thrombosis, as well as lowering blood viscosity, blood circulation, prevent high blood pressure, and it also has a brain, active thinking, and prevent Alzheimer's effects.

Predictably the krill oil market in the future will be closely integrated with the older products, such as cardiovascular health products, food and medicine, with the development of society and the improvement of people's health awareness, krill oil as an edible oil is increasing the likelihood.