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Advantages Of Antarctic Krill Meal Than Fish Meal

Jan 23, 2017

Antarctic krill contains all the amino acids necessary for human body, particularly those representing the characteristics of nutrition content of lysine are even more impressive, even higher than the tuna, tiger shrimp and beef.

Krill in the freshness and sweetness of the glutamic acid, Menko amino acid, glycine, alanine, and serine and threonine content is very high, up 46 per cent of protein content. 73%, 8 kinds of amino acids necessary for human, krill are, but taken together 41 of the total protein content. 4%, if combined with arginine and 2 half essential amino acids Histidine, accounts for more than half of the protein content (53. O%)

To sum up, from both a protein from amino acids, krill are far higher than fish meal shrimp meal nutrition value, also worth mentioning is that Antarctic krill has no pollution of raw fish meal contains astaxanthin incomparable advantages.