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What is the difference between fish oil and cod liver oil?

Cod liver oil is a kind of oil extracted from the liver of fish, and fish oil is extracted from the fat of fish. The essential difference between the two is the difference in nutrition.

Fish oil is mainly a good health care product. It can prevent arthritis, Alzheimer's disease, lower blood fat, etc. It can lower cholesterol and triglycerides in human blood, prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in blood vessels, and affect other substances in the body. Metabolism hinders platelet aggregation and prevents thrombosis. DHA can pass through the blood-brain barrier and play an important role in nerve conduction. It is an indispensable substance for maintaining brain function and has the reputation of “brain gold”.

The main components of cod liver oil are vitamins A and D. The most effective way to prevent infantile rickets is vitamin AD supplementation. Among them, vitamin A can help maintain normal vision, and also has the function of protecting the integrity of epithelial cells, helping the growth and development of body tissues, protecting the respiratory mucosa of children, and enhancing the immune function of the body; vitamin D can promote the intestinal mucosa The absorption of calcium and phosphorus in food promotes the reabsorption of calcium and phosphorus by the renal tubules, and promotes the transfer and deposition of calcium in the blood to the bones to facilitate bone growth.