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Fish Oil

Refined Fish Oil

Refined fish oil refers to the fish internal lipid which is rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexenoic acid).

Refined Fish oil

Product Name

Refined Fish oil


Light yellow oily transparent liquid

Peroxide value


Acid value


P-anisidine value


Unsaponifiable matter








Storage:To be stored in the condition of 5-24℃, humidity 45-65%, avoid direct sunshine, and keep distance to ground and walls.

Do not store together with cargo of toxic, harmful, odor, volatile or corrosive.

Shelf life:3 years. 

说点什么.png  What is refined fish oil? 

Refined fish oil refers to the fish internal lipid which is rich in EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (Docosahexenoic acid).
The general fish contains little EPA and DHA, only in cold and deep sea fishes, like anchovy, salmon, sardine, etc, that are all rich in EPA and DHA , but any other animals which are living in land hardly contain EPA and DHA. It is the reason why we use the deep sea fishes to refine the EPA and DHA.

相互作用.png Fish oil Extraction Process


为什么读书.png  EPA Rich Formula

Hestia 7008 EE  EPA70% + DHA8%
Hestia 5220 EE  EPA52% + DHA20%
Hestia 5025 EE  EPA50% + DHA25%
Hestia 5020 EE  EPA50% + DHA20%
Hestia 5010 EE  EPA50% + DHA10%
Hestia 4030 EE  EPA40% + DHA30%
Hestia 4020 EE  EPA40% + DHA20%
Hestia 4010 EE  EPA40% + DHA10%
Hestia 3624 EE  EPA36% + DHA24%
Hestia 3322 EE  EPA33% + DHA22%

Hestia EPA500 EE EPA500mg/g + DHA100mg/g

为什么读书.png DHA Rich Formula

Hestia 1070 EE  EPA10% + DHA70%
Hestia 1060 EE  EPA10% + DHA60%

Hestia 3050 EE  EPA30% + DHA50%
Hestia 2550 EE  EPA25% + DHA50%

Hestia 2050 EE  EPA20% + DHA50%
Hestia 1050 EE  EPA10% + DHA50%

Hestia 3040 EE  EPA30% + DHA40%
Hestia 1040 EE  EPA10% + DHA40%

Hestia 4030 EE  EPA40% + DHA30%

Hestia 2030 EE  EPA20% + DHA30%


health benefits.jpgHealth Benefits

ing-show006.png  Healthy Cholesterol Level Support      ing-show006.png  Heart Health Supporting-show006.png  Bone Health Support
ing-show006.png  Mental Health Support 


ing-show006.png  Medicine         ing-show006.png  Dietary supplementing-show006.png  Food 

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