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Fish Oil
Fish Oil Small Softgels

Fish Oil Small Softgels

1.With antioxidant and anti-aging features. 2.Help maintain healthy cholesterol and blood pressure. 3.Regulate the blood system; promote joints, brain and skin health. 4.Immunity and anti-fatigue. 5.Protect eyesight, prevent myopia and amblyopia, inhibit vision loss, relieve eye fatigue....

Function of samll fish oil softgel

1. Regulate blood lipids, clear thrombosis, prevent blood coagulation and stroke.

2. Anti-inflammatory, regulate cholesterol.

3. Prevent arthritis, relieve gout, asthma.

4. To prevent Alzheimer's disease, nutrition brain, improve memory.

5. Control presbyopia,to maintain the retina.


1. Food products.

Fish oil small softgels is suitable for enrichment of basic food products especially dairy-based products.

2. Dietetic products.

Fish Oil is suitable in particular for enrichment of infant formula and maternal nutrition products.

Our Service:

1.Produce the capsules with different types and sizes as per clients' requirement.

2. We can provide free samples.

3. Adopt advanced equipment and scientific detection equipment to ensure product quality.

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